I bottled my wine today and we drove away saying what a nice group of people you are and how easy you make it to deal with you. And the wine is great too! Kudos Winexpert!


Nancy and her crew are so friendly and helpful, you will not be disappointed and no hidden cost. They tell you up front. Loved making my wine there. So nice!!!


The quality of the service and the wine are unbelievable. We bottled our wine on the weekend and are more than satisfied with our wine and had a super fun time doing it . Can t wait to go back and bottle the next batch.

Rick & Marise

Love the service at Winexpert Moncton!!! Our whole family goes there, employees are great and the wine is very good 🙂 !!! Would definitely recommend this place to anyone !!!!


We made our own wine there for our wedding, and they were nothing but FANTASTIC. We are not big wine drinkers ourselves, and they answered every single question for us without hesitation. They also made us custom labels to match our invitations, without any additional cost.
So thankful for such amazing people to make this part of the (very stressful) wedding planning process so easy ❤️❤️


February 8th,on my oldest son’s birthday, we bottled our 1st wine purchase at Wine Experts– from the onset when we ordered our wine in Nov. 2023 we left with a warm feeling of how well we had been received by Nancy and her staff— that was just a warm-up compared to the leadership/professionalism we received in the bottling process– I joked with Nancy saying every time we bottled in Ontario I hit the wrong button at least once and lost 1/2 a bottle of wine to the floor!!!!! Nancy said “”Not Today”” and she was right–not a drop was spilt and We got our full 30 bottles!!!! It was definitely the most enjoyable time we have had since we began with Wine Expert and we owe it all to Nancy and staff–They are Great!!!! David/Barb

David Claringbold

This was my first time making & bottling wine and I was a bit nervous to commit to 30 bottles of wine however the owners go out of their way to help, educate & inform.
Overall, it was a fun experience, great wines to make & fabulous service.
Highly recommend it!



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I will never make wine at home again. Too much trouble. Wine Expert staff are so nice and helpful, and their wine always tastes good.

Fran Leblanc

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