Winexpert: Summer’s Coming!

Winexpert: Summer’s Coming!

Winexpert: Summer’s Coming!

Today is all about summer…

Limited Release summer wines that you should be making now!

I just bottled my Rosé and it is not very pink in colour…more peachy, but delicious!  The flavour notes listed below are bang on with a nice crisp, barely off-dry finish. 

They are still available and will be great for summer sipping $185 to make in our winery.  Don’t forget that includes the kit, wine making fee, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps and bottle sanitizing

We are sold out of the Hard Pink Lemonade, but the Hard Limeade is still available for a limited time.  $129 to make in our winery and ready in four weeks

Pink Moscato will be arriving at the beginning of May.  We sold out of this one quickly last year…if you are interested, send us an e-mail and we will pre-order it for you, You don’t want to miss out. $149 made in our winery!

Last Call for The Island Mist Multi-Buy Sale 

This is our last week for the Island Mist fruit wine sale.  We have 17 lip-smacking flavours to choose from.  Ends on Saturday April 30th.

Save 10% on your first wine ($12.90 in our winery / $6.50 take home)

Save 15% on your second wine ($19.35 in our winery / $9.75 take home)

Save 20% on your third wine ($25.80 in our winery / $13.00 take home)

Don’t forget that when you make in our winery, that includes the kit, processing fees, all taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps, bottle washing and sanitizing! 

Click on the box below to see all of the flavours available!



Cocktail Recipe’s  and Spritzer Ideas

We have a section on our website that has lots of fun cocktail recipes to make with your Island Mist fruit wine.  Click HERE to see or go to our Facebook page…most of them have been posted in our newsfeed.  An easier option…just add sparkling water and some frozen fruit to any flavour fruit wine.  Fancy, but easy!




Thanks for taking the time to read…Cheers!