Winexpert: Summer dreaming!

Winexpert: Summer dreaming!

Winexpert: Summer dreaming!

All of this beautiful sunny & mild weather has been a delicious break from the normal February routine and brought out lots of happy people making and bottling wine.  It’s amazing what some sunshine and warmer weather can do for our moods!  We just received a new Mist fruit flavour on our order this week and we are taking orders for our summer Limited Release wines.   Read on below if you are interested!

NEW Island Mist In Stock!

This delicious sounding Apple Berry Syrah will be arriving in store Wednesday February 21st .  It will be a permanent listing, so no pre-orders required, just come and get it!  $130 to make in our winery and that includes the kit, wine-making fee, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps, bottle washing and sanitizing.

Check out our Facebook Page for an introductory sale price.

California Sauvignon Blanc Rosé 

We are bringing it back! LIMITED RELEASE Selection Sauvignon Blanc Rosé received such rave reviews last year, it will be available for one final appearance. But don’t miss out, this is the last time it will be offered and will sell out quickly.  We will be taking pre-orders until March 1st

$187 to make in our winery and that includes the kit, wine making fee, all taxex, corks, labels, shrink wraps, bottle washing and sanitizing.

Contact us HERE if you would like to pre-order one or two…I’m having two of them this year.  It was my favourite wine of the year last year!

Hard Pink Lemonade & Hard Blueberry Lemonade

Refresh your Patio with New Island Mist Hard Blueberry Lemonade and summertime favourite Hard Pink Lemonade! With just the right balance of sweet and tart, these Island Mists are perfect on the patio. These are summer seasonal and sell out fast, so we are recommending pre-ordering them to make sure that you get yours.  Just e-mail or call us to reserve one and we will hold it for you with no deposit or pre-payment. 

Taking pre-orders until March 18 and they will be available to make or pick up March 22.

Last  day for our February Sales 

All of our current sales end Tuesday, February 28, check out the link HERE to see all of the deals this month

Extra Cranapple Pinot Grigio

We managed to secure some extra Cranapple Pinot Grigio, so now we have both of these wines back in stock.


Thanks for spending some time with us…Cheers!!!