Winexpert: Spring Fling Mist Sale

Winexpert: Spring Fling Mist Sale

Winexpert: Spring Fling Mist Sale

That’s it…done with the snow now!

Spring will be with us tomorrow and what better way to celebrate and get ready for the warmer weather but a Mist Sale!  All of our Mist wines, including the new Coconut Yuzu, and the just-for-summer Hard Pink Lemonade and the Hard Limeade, are on sale.  Get some friends together, pick some flavours and be ready for the deck…or we can just drown our sorrows until it gets here 🙂

All Island Mist and Skinny Mist Wines are on a multi-buy sale! Regular Price to make in our winery is $129.00

Save 10% on your first wine ($12.90 in our winery / $6.50 take home)

Save 15% on your second wine ($19.35 in our winery / $9.75 take home)

Save 20% on your third wine ($25.80 in our winery / $13.00 take home)

Don’t forget that when you make in our winery, that includes the kit, processing fees, all taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps, bottle washing and sanitizing! 

Click on the boxes below to see all of the flavours available!


Prices in effect until Saturday April 4th

Limited Time Summer Wines…in stock now 

Australian Grenache Rosé is a lighter, brighter, sunnier take on your favourite red-wine  grapes.  This beauty offers lip-smacking fruit and mouth-watering acidity that are socially versatile and very food friendly.  This is one of my favourite wines of the year!

Island Mist Hard Pink Lemonade & Hard Limeade are back due to popular demand….we ran out last year, so don’t wait!  These Island Mist wines are the perfect balance of tart and sweet for a super refreshing flavour you’ll enjoy all summer long.  I serve mine over ice with a splash of sparkling water to add a little fizz!

Call or e-mail us to reserve yours!



Our website has just had a major face-lift to make it easier to view on mobile or tablets.  Let us know what you think, or if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see on it.  We also have a Testimonial section that allows new customers researching us online, some confidence in the service and products that we provide,  If you would like to tell others why you like coming to see us it would be greatly appreciated! Contact us HERE.

Island Mist Drink Recipes 

We have a list of fun cocktails on our website that you can make with our different Island Mist flavours HERE.  I am also going to be posting them on our Facebook page over the next 2 weeks as we push towards spring and summer.  


Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio is one of my favourite summer sippers.  I enjoy the lower alcohol content on a hot day sitting on the deck, but if you want to spike it for some evening cocktail fun, try this!  I put a cup of ice in the blender with  2 cups of Pineapple Pear Pinot Grigio and  Malibu Coconut Rum  to taste and then blend until smooth.  It gives you a Pina Colada Vibe with a lot less fuss.

Monthly Specials 

Click HERE to see our other specials for the rest of March.

Did You Know?

We have a Reverse Osmosis filter system  that purifies all of the water going into your wines.  Just another way we strive to be a cut above and provide you with the best quality and results!  We also sell our filtered water for $3.00 for a 23 litre standard jug for your water cooler.  Just bring us your empty and we will exchange it for a full one.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope to see you soon!