Winexpert: Running Out Of Time!

Winexpert: Running Out Of Time!

Winexpert: Running Out Of Time!

 Lest We Forget!  We are closed Wednesday November 11th.

We still have 4 & 5 week wine kits that can be ready for Christmas and will be very enjoyable to drink.  The actual dates are listed below:

.Saturday November 21 –  4 week wines (Island Mist, Vintners Reserve and World Vineyard).

Saturday November 14 – 5 week wines (World Vineyard Skins)

Flash Sale on World Vineyard 

Travel around the world in 30 days with wines from Chile, France, Australia, The United States, Germany and Italy. These are our best quality 4 week wines and they can be  ready to drink for Christmas and there are over 15 varieties to choose from.  Click HERE for all of the varieties available

Save $15 on all of our World Vineyard wines (except for the Skins varieties) when you make in our winery . Don’t forget that includes the kit, winemaking fee, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps and bottle washing.

Save $10 if you are taking the kits home to make.

We would love your feedback!

We have two places available that you can leave a review of your experience with us or just give us some comments.  Our website has a section for Testimonials and you can click HERE to be taken to that page.  Our Facebook site also has a spot where you can leave a review and the link is HERE.  We like to hear your comments and reviews to see if we can improve what we are doing, but this also gives new customers, who are researching us, a level of comfort knowing that the wine will be good and the service will be the best.  As a little thank you for your time, anyone sending in a testimonial or review to either site will receive a $10 coupon to use towards their next wine.

Save $10 on Naughty or Nice

We have a few of our Christmas Mist flavours left.  They take 4 weeks to make, so they would be great gifts or sippers over the holidays.  I bottled mine and they are both fabulous…light & fruity with fun Christmas flavours.  


Bottle Care

Cleaning & storing your empty wine bottles is the most important job that you have to do to ensure that your wine can be bottled correctly.  Putting wine in bottles with stains or mold will impart those flavours into your wine.   As we head into the busy bottling season, we would please ask that you ensure a few things:

  1. Rinse your empty bottles and leave them upside down in your draining rack to dry
  2. Remove your shrinks by cutting them with a sharp knife.
  3. Remove your labels by peeling them off (unless you leave your labels on your bottles for every batch)
  4. Store your empty bottles upside down in the boxes, that prevents any dirt from falling in them but also prevents any mold from growing if they are still a little damp.

So to review…..

Yes!     No! 

Nagging over…now to our Smile!