Winexpert November News

Winexpert November News

Winexpert November News

November 3, 2013
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Bottle Care & Cleaning

Christmas Deadline

Vintners Reserve Sale

Chocolate Ports

Limited Edition 2013

Housecleaning Deals


Tuesday to Friday: 11:00AM to 7:00PM

Saturday:10AM to 5pm

Closed Sunday and Monday.

We really enjoy bottling appointments with our customers.  It gives us a chance to find out where people have travelled, talk about kids or grandkids and occasionally chat about wine.  We try and make it as stress-free and fun as possible, especially when you get to the wine tasting with cheese and crackers at the end. Reward for hard work, right??The most important job you have for your appointment is to bring clean bottles, so I am just going to give you our tips and recommendations for bottle care. No preaching…BUT putting great wine in mouldy bottles is yucky!!

  • Rinse out your bottles when you empty them, not weeks or months later…because then you will have mould and it is difficult to remove.  Just fill the bottle once or twice with warm water to remove any wine and put upside down to drain and dry.
  • Remove the labels and shrink caps before you put them away in the boxes.
  • Store your bottles upside down in their boxes or bins.  By storing them this way, dirt and dust can’t fall in, bugs can’t crawl in and mould can’t grow if there is any moisture left in the bottles.
  • If you love big red wines, you may find some stains left in your bottle, especially if it has aged for a while.  Just put 1 tablespoon of household bleach in the bottle, fill it full of hot water and let soak over night.  In the morning, rinse out very well until you can’t smell bleach in the bottle anymore.

I posted a video to our website last summer with details on how to remove different labels and care for your bottles. Click HERE if you would like to watch it.

Christmas Deadlines

6 Week wines – November 9th

5 Week wines – November 16th

4 Week wines – Novmber 23rd

These are the last possible dates to have wine ready for Christmas, but getting them started sooner is always a good idea to give your wine a little time to age in the bottle. 

November Sale

Vintners Reserve Multi-Buy 

These are great quality 4 week wine kits, that are lighter in body, so they will be lovely for entertaining and gift giving.

We have lots of varieties…red, white or blush.  Click HERE to see all of the wines that are available.

Make In Our Winery                        Take Home

Buy 1 and Save $10.00                   Buy 1 and Save $5.00

Buy 2 and Save $25.00                   Buy 2 and Save $12.50

Buy 3 and Save $45.00                   Buy 3 and Save $22.50

Chocolate Ports

We have some spare Chocolate Orange & Chocolate Raspberry Port kits in stock.  If you have always wanted to try this decadent dessert wine…why wait!  The kits make 15 of the 750ml bottles or 30 of the 375ml bottles. Give us a call or e-mail us for more details.

 Limited Edition 2013

We are in the middle of our Limited Edition pre-order period, so if you have already ordered yours, or decided not to…just skip to the next section of the newsletter…LOL.

In January 2014, winexpert will start releasing their Limited Edition wines.  All of these wines are pre-ordered, so there are very rarely any spare kits available.  They are ultra-premium kits that would normally be priced at $215, but when they are pre-ordered before December 6, 2013, they will be $189.  That price is to make in our winery and includes everything but the bottles.  If you would like to take these kits home to make them, they will be $129.95.

All you need to do is call or e-mail us and place your order.  You don’t have to pay until the month that your wine arrives in our store.

January – South African Shiraz Cabernet with grape skins. This red wine is driven with black cherry jam, raspberry, spice and velvety tannins.

January – South African Viognier Chenin Blanc Roussane.  A white wine dry with crisp acidity. Flavours of apricot, citrus, melons and pear.

February – Pacific Quartet….Sound the trumpets!!! Our best-selling Limited Edition EVER is back!  An off-dry white wine made from four grapes from around the Pacific Rim region.  Hints of apples, melon, lychee, rose petals and orange peel. I think that I am having 2 of this one 🙂

March – Oregon Pinot Noir. This red wine has bright red fruit on the palate with a velvety mouth feel.

April – Washington Cabernet Merlot.  Last, but not least, this red wine has aromas of blackberry, cherry and spice with sweet fruit and toasty oak flavours.

Click HERE for more detailed descriptions as well as short videos about each wine.  Tim, who stars in all of the videos, is from winexpert in B.C. and we joke that he knows the names of the donkey that carried the grapes out of the vineyard!  He is a stickler for details and gives great information about the wines and the growing regions.

 Housecleaning Deals!!

We have a few first come-first serve specials on some kits and gift items.

Selection California White Zinfandel – $154 – Save $15

Limited Edition Washington Riesling Chenin Blanc – $179

Egg-o Wine Cooler – $35.95 – Save $8

Wine Glass Tags (pack of 25) – $3.99 – Save $1