Winexpert: November News & Lowest Price Ever Sale

Winexpert: November News & Lowest Price Ever Sale

Winexpert: November News & Lowest Price Ever Sale

November 4, 2014
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Holiday Hours

Lowest Price Ever on Select World Vineyard Wines

Limited Edition

T-shirt Order

Label Removal From Commercial Bottles


Tuesday to Friday: 11:00AM to 7:00PM

Saturday:10AM to 5pm

Closed Sunday and Monday.

We will be closed on Tuesday, November 11th in honour of Remembrance Day.

We have another new face in the winery these days as we get ready for Elaine to leave to have her baby.  Karen is a customer who saw our “help wanted” sign in the store and she has started with us, part-time.  She is a white wine drinker, but I am sure we will lure her to the dark (red, that is) side eventually!

This is the last week to make 6 week wines and be able to bottle them in time for Christmas….The dates for the different wines are listed below.

Saturday November 8th is the last day to make 6 week wines.

Saturday November 15th is the last day to make 5 week wines.

Saturday November 22nd is the last day to make 4 week wines.

We hope to see you soon!

Holiday Hours 

It seems early to be talking about it, but we have people asking about our operating hours over the holidays, so I have listed them below.

Saturday December 20 – 10am-5pm

Sunday December 21 – Closed

Monday December 22 – 10am-7pm

Tuesday December 23 – 10am-7pm

Wednesday December 24 – 10am – 2pm (no bottling)

Thursday December 25 – Thursday January 1 – Closed

Friday January 2 – 11am-7pm

Lowest Price Ever on Four World Vineyard Wines 

We are having a HUGE four day sale on some of our most popular World Vineyard wines Wednesday November 5 – Saturday November 8 Save $30 when you make in our winery.  These would be ready to bottle in the middle of December.

Save $30 in our winery

($119.00 – including labels, shrink caps, corks, processing fees, taxes and bottle washing)

Save $15 to take out

($64.00-$71.00 – make at home)

Italian Nebbiolo (Barolo)

California Trinity Red

Italian Pinot Grigio

California Trinity White

Limited Edition 2014 


This milestone provides an opportunity to both reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Our LE program is the biggest, longest running and most successful limited release program in the industry. In honour of the 25th Anniversary, we are re-releasing four of your favourite wines from the past, plus a special anniversary blend, aptly named ‘Triumph’.

Enjoy these Limited Edition favourites while you can. Here’s to 25 years of great wine.

These wines must be reserved because the juice supply is very limited and we only produce enough to fill orders. Deadline for ordering is Saturday December 6th.

– Try one or try them all
– They must be reserved (no extras)
– Some of our best and most unique wines
– Arriving January through April 2015
– Eclipse quality at regular Selection price – save $26
– 18L format for the best wines yet
– Pay when they arrive
– There is a wine here to suit every taste. Treat yourself!

Click HERE for all of the details, recipes and video descriptions of the wines.

“Winey” T-Shirt Order 

We are doing a pre-order on “winey” t-shirts.  I have been wearing mine for a couple of months and love it!  They are a womens fit t-shirt, which means it fits curvy bits 😉 and they wash perfectly (in the washing machine on cold…nothing special). This is a Canadian company which means the price is a lot lower than comparable suppliers, because we aren’t paying any duty!

They are $20 each and the sizing chart is below.  If you are interested for yourself or for Christmas gifts, call us at 384-2955 or send us an e-mail at  Orders are due by November 15th and take about 2 weeks for us to receive, so lots of time for Christmas . We will contact you when they arrive and take payment at that time.

Removing Labels from Commercial Bottles 

I was perusing Pinterest this weekend (here is the link to our Pinterest Page) and I found a Pin that tells you how to remove labels from your store bought bottles…I get asked all the time, the best way to remove these labels, so that they bottles can be re-used.  I haven’t tried it yet, so give this a try and let us know!

Fill your sink with hot, hot, hot water. Then fill each wine bottle with hot water and drop it into the sink. Next, add this secret potion: 1/2 cup baking powder 1 Tbsp dish soap 2 cups white vinegar Once you add the vinegar to the sink, it will get all fizzy for a second and the labels should come off.


Thanks for taking the time to read…Cheers!