Winexpert: November News

Winexpert: November News

Winexpert: November News

Well, this is it!  The last week to make the Selection 6 week wine to be ready for Christmas  is upon us.  53 days until Christmas, so Facebook told me this morning….Yuck!  But the good news is that there is still time to make wine for the holidays until November 21.

Saturday November 21 –  4 week wines (Island Mist, Vintners Reserve and World Vineyard).

Saturday November 14 – 5 week wines (World Vineyard Skins)

Saturday November 7 –  6 week wines (Selection and Selection Skins, except Italian Amarone)

We will be closed Wednesday, November 11 for Remembrance Day

Monthly Specials

Save $10.00 on World Vineyard Italian Sangiovese & French Sauvignon Blanc

Save $8.00 on Vintners Reserve Merlot & Gewürztraminer

Click HERE for full descriptions

2015 Limited Editions

These wines must be reserved because the juice supply is very limited and we only produce enough to fill orders.

– Try one or try them all
– They must be reserved (no extras)
– Some of our best and most unique wines
– Arriving January through April 2016
– Eclipse quality at a discounted price
– 18L format for the best wines at the best value
– Pay when they arrive
– There is a wine here to suit every taste. Treat yourself!

$189 to make in our winery ($215 regular price)

– Don’t forget that includes the kit, processing fees, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps and bottle washing.

$129 to take and make at home ($155 regular price)

Contact us for more details at 384-2955 or place your order HERE.  Orders due by Friday December 4th.

CLICK HERE for detailed for full descriptions of the wines, recipes and videos.

Blackberry Dessert Wine

We have just one of these specialty port wines available.  It is still at the discounted price of $124 to make in our winery and $69 to take and make at home

Did you know?

Did you know why we ask you to remove commercial labels and shrink caps from your store bought wine bottles?  There are restaurants in New Brunswick that allow you to bring your own wine, but that does not include wine made either at home or at a winery like ours.    It is great recycling practice to re-use bottles that you have purchased at NB Liquor and we can use them even if they are screw caps.  Our rules and regulations that are governed by the province say that bottles must have commercial labels and shrink sleeves removed before your wine can go in them.  

Flag Sale

Double sided flag on sale for $10.95