Winexpert: Limited Edition & Other News

Winexpert: Limited Edition & Other News

Winexpert: Limited Edition & Other News

We will be closed on Saturday, October 8th to enjoy the long weekend.  We apologize for any inconvenience. We have just found that nobody wants to come in and bottle wine, they want to be drinking it…Cheers!

Are you looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend? We have dinner plans with friends and then the family feast of course with lots of different wine options.  Click on the image of the turkey for an interesting online article with wine pairing suggestions to go with traditional meals that are cooked over the holidays.

Limited Edition 2016

There are some fantastic sounding wines in this year’s line up…Full descriptions of the wines are HERE.  I should have liquor store equivalents to share with you before the end of October.

If you have never ordered our Limited Edition wines before…here’s the deal!

  • There are 5 wines, 3 reds and 2 whites…always unique wines that we may never get again.
  • They arrive at our winery January through April.
  • They need to be pre-ordered, but you don’t have to pay until they get here.
  • Great value for money because they are 18 litre kits at a reduced price.

When you pre-order any (or all) of these Limited Edition wines, you will save $25 per batch, as well as assuring that you can get these unique wines.  There is no guarantee that we will have spares….  Contact us by phone or e-mail to place your order by Friday, December 2nd.  If you have any questions about the wines, feel free to ask away…we are happy to help!

$192 to make in our winery (Regular price $217) and that includes the kit, wine making fee, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps, bottle washing and sanitizing.

$130 to take and make at home (Regular price $155).

Monthly Specials 

Save 10% on World Vineyard Wines (excluding Skins)

Choose from 17 wines from around the world in our World Vineyard category.  Great varietals from Germany, Italy, Chile, California and Australia.  Ready to bottle in four weeks, so they are a great option for Christmas drinking and gifting.  Some of the most popular wines are California Trinity Red and White, French Sauvignon Blanc or Italian Nebbiolo.  Click HERE to see all of the wines available.

Save $15 when you make in our winery.

$135 including the kit, wine making fee, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps, bottle washing and sanitizing.

Save $10 when you take and make at home.

Sale ends Saturday, October 29th. Excludes World Vineyard Skins.

What Do We Mean??

What do we mean when we describe a wine as light, medium or full bodied??   There are lots of ways to describe wines, like the flavour profile, level of oakiness or body.  Body is the one that I get asked about the most….so, what is meant when we say light or full body.  The best way I have heard it explained was to think of milk. 

Skim or 1% milk – Light body

2% milk – Medium body

Homogenized 3.25% – Full Body

Cream – Port or Ice Wine

So, if you think about the way that different milks coat your tongue and taste…The heaver the milk, the more it stays on your tongue and fires your taste buds, so the flavour is more intense.  Wine is the same.  Consider this the next time you are reading descriptions of wine, hopefully it will help.