Winexpert: Latest News

Winexpert: Latest News

Winexpert: Latest News

September 18,

In this

New Products

Skin Is

to Selection



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The sun
is shining and it is a beautiful day out
there, but it is like Christmas around here
lately.  We are getting lots of big
boxes that we get to open, unpack and Oooh
and Aaah over.  Amanda, Diane and I
are making our Christmas lists from some of
the great products we have now and what
will be in soon.  Check out our
 for a complete listing of
what is in stock and keep checking it out,
because there is more cool wine swag

We also love it when new wines arrive and
can’t wait to get them cooking, so that we
can taste and tell you all about them.
We have started all 3 of the new
World Vineyard
kits and are looking forward to
our bottling date. Come on October


We just received a shipment of some great
gift ideas for yourself (come on, you
deserve it) or for the wine-lover in your


These are
a paper wine gift bag with metal handles.
They are incredibly sturdy and super
cute!  Perfect for the fashionista in
your life.



Insulated tote that carries 2 bottles of
wine in the back section. The front section
includes a cork screw, bottle, stopper, 2
napkins and 2 acrylic wine glasses.
Picnic season may be over for this
year, but what a great gift for


This is called a Climbing Tendril and
comes in both Copper and Black finishes. We
saw these at Gaspereau Vineyard in the
Annapolis Valley and had to buy one for
Diane’s birthday that was coming up.
They can be hung from the ceiling or
a wall mount and hold 6 bottles, or you can
divide it into 2 seperate configurations.
What a different wine rack that will
be sure to start conversations in your


little vacuum stoppers are selling like
hotcakes already!  You put it on your
open bottle of wine and pump the button on
the top to suck out the air and create a
vacuum.  Then it acts like a stopper
and stays on your bottle until you are
ready for another

Skin is
in…and VERY popular!

We have 3
new red wines that come with crushed
grapeskins to enhance flavour and body.
They are on for a great introductory
price of $149 when you make in our
winery…the regular price will be $164. We
are making lots of these right now, so
don’t miss out! This sale runs until
September 28, 2013.

A lot of
people are asking about how the grapeskins
work and if they are in the finished
wine….so here is the
skinny on how we put
grapeskins in the kit.

We pour
the crushed grapes and pulp, that are
included with the kit, into a cheesecloth
bag and add that to the juice, just before
you add the yeast.  That bag stays in
your fermenting wine for about 7 days…it
acts like a giant teabag and infuses your
wine with lots of flavour. When Amanda
takes the bag out of the fermentor, she
squeezes it out and makes sure she gets all
of the good stuff out of it.  Your
wine then continues on its normal journey
with us through it’s other stages until you
come in to bottle it.

here for details of
the different wines.

Changes to Selection

If you
have been in winexpert
Moncton over the last few months, you may
have noticed some changes to our Selection
Original & Selection International

This & this have turned


What this
means for you is that our Selection kits
now have an extra litre of juice which
means that we add less water and give you a
better finished product.  In some
cases, there have been slight changes to
improve aroma, mouthfeel and alcohol
content which creates better tasting,
better quality wines.

It also
means that there is a chance to pick up
some of the Selection Original kits, in
their older format, for a discount.
We are taking $10 off any of our
remaining kits in the blue boxes…while
quantities last.

  • Selection Original Viognier
  • Selection Original Symphony
  • Selection Original Johannisberg Dry
  • Selection Original White
  • Selection Original White
  • Selection Original Barolo
  • Selection Original Cabernet
  • Selection Skins Spanish
  • Selection Skins Argentine

We only have 1 or 2 of each in the store
and once they are gone, we will have the
new style kits in stock at the regular

are in stock

If you
pre-ordered either a Chocolate Orange or
Chocolate Raspberry Port, they have arrived
at winexpert.  If you
missed the deadline and are still
interested in making one of these decadent
ports, we have extras.  Check out the
information here for
a detailed description and let us know if
you want us to hold one for you.


always, we end with a smile, or hopefully a

We hope to see you