Winexpert: June News

Winexpert: June News

Winexpert: June News

We are celebrating Italian wines this month, so here are a few Italian wine facts:

  •  Italy has been making wines for over 2800 years.
  • A hangover in Italy is called postumi della sbronza (“out of tune”)…sounds about right!
  • Italy’s per capita consumption is over 45 bottles of wine per year.  One more reason that I would love to learn to speak Italian and spend time there!
  • This is another good one!  You can drink wine from lunch on without having people look at you strangely.

Selection Valpolicella – Save $25

Valpolicella Style


Ready in 6 weeks

Italian style wine with a delicate bouquet and a rich texture. Ruby red colour. Fragrant and fruity. The addition of oak enhances its aroma.


Save $25 when you make our extremely popular Selection Valpolicella in our winery.  Don’t forget that includes the kit, processing fees, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps and bottle washing.

Regulary price $174.00 – Sale price $149.00.

Want to make it at home??  Save $15.

 June 16 – June 20

You can also check out our other specials going on this month HERE.

New Custom Labels 

We just got some new custom labels in stock, that will make your wine even more special! They are all vinyl,  easy to put on and take off, which is the most important thing.
$4.95 for 30 labels when you purchase your wine with us.


Who wants to live here??? 
Don’t forget that we are closing early at 2pm on Saturdays until September so we can drink wine in the sun!