Winexpert: June News & Sales

Winexpert: June News & Sales

Winexpert: June News & Sales

This weather!! June has started off cool and wet, but we are still busily( and optimistically)  making wine for summer and we can have wine ready  with bottling dates into July,

We just have a couple of housekeeping notes:

We will be closed Friday July 1st and Saturday July 2nd for the long weekend. 

We will be adding a $10 surcharge if you want to use 375ml (half size bottles) to offset our cost of the double set of corks, labels, shrink caps.  Thanks for your understanding!

Save on the Classics on our Best Cellar List!

Choose from five classic varietals from our Selection wines and save 10%.  

Save $18.50 when you make in our winery. Click HERE for full descriptions

Sale price is $166.50 and includes the kit, winemaking fee, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps, bottle washing and sanitizing.

Until June 30, 2016


We will have some of the White Candidate wine in stock.  I can’t wait for mine to be bottled…2 more weeks!  It is a blend of Pinot Grigio, Viognier, Riesling  and is described as citrus, stone fruit and green melon with a crisp, clean finish.  Sounds YUMMY!

Monthly Specials 

We have promotions on five other wines:

World Vineyard Chilean Merlot & World Vineyard German Muller Thurgau

Vintners Reserve White Zinfandel & Riesling

Island Mist Cucumber Melon Sauvignon Blanc

Click HERE for more details.

New Custom Labels

We have a new line of custom labels…they are blank and come in fun and bright colours that can be completely personalized with your own clip art and sayings or you can use our pre-made templates. Change the colour, change the saying, add your own personality. We can do that!

$4.95 upgrade when you make your wine in our winery.  $9.95 if you make your wine at home.



For more options go to our Photo Gallery HERE


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Cheers! And we hope to see you soon.