Winexpert: July News

Winexpert: July News

Winexpert: July News

This is round 2 for my July newsletter with the actual sales for July!  Just in case you didn’t get a chance to read the newsletter last week, we were running an OOOPS Sale.  I messed up my order and brought in way too many of the wrong wines, which I then discounted just to get them out of the way.  We still have a few left (Cabernet Merlot, Chilean Merlot & Chilean Malbec) at the sale price.  I had a few people commenting about how smart the marketing was for the sale…I am no marketing guru LOL!  It sincerely was an ordering error and I didn’t want to hang on to all of the extra stock.

 This week, I managed to order the right wines and they are on sale now! And stay tuned because there will be a mid-season sale on all Island Mist wines starting next week…details will arrive in you inbox next Wednesday.

Best Cellar Selection Sale

Great deals on Selection wine kits all summer! This month features Romance – save $20 on five seductive varietals.

Sale Price is $167.00 (SAVE $20) when you make in our winery and that includes the wine kit, wine making fee, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps, bottle washing and sanitizing.  Save $12 if you want to take and make at home.

Click HERE to get full descriptions of the wines.

Limited Edition Fourtitude 

It turns out we have 2 spare of the Limited Edition Australian Fourtitude left over.  This wine won’t last…it has been getting rave reviews!  Let us know if you are interested.

Bravado has arrived!

This is a Limited Release Eclipse (ultra-premium) grape skin red wine.  Last year’s Forza was a huge hit and we are very excited to have Bravado in stock.  It is a Limited Release, meaning we don’t know how long we will have it in stock…we estimate a year, but Forza sold out in 7 months last year.

$217.00 to make in our winery which includes, the kit, wine making fee, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps, bottle washing and sanitizing.

Did You Know? 

Apothic Red is the best-selling red wine in North America.  And did you know that we have an equivalent wine called Enigma?  And it’s on sale now!



Ready in 6 weeks

Introducing a bold, enigmatic blend from Selection. Intense fruit aromas and notes of black cherry, coffee, chocolate and vanilla. Full bodied with a smooth, round finish.

Food friendly, this wine pairs well with everything from pizza to pasta and is a great match for meats like ribs or chicken with sweet and sticky marinade.



Enjoy this beautiful weather and we hope to see you soon…Cheers!