Winexpert: December News

Winexpert: December News

Winexpert: December News

Holiday Hours 

Please note our extended hours and holiday break.  If you need to bottle your wine before Christmas & New Years, you have until December 23rd.  We have two bottling stations and are able to bottle 32-34 batches a day, but don’t delay and get your appointment booked as soon as you can.  Contact us HERE.  

Saturday December 17th 10am-5pm

Sunday December 20th CLOSED

Monday December 21st CLOSED

Tuesday December 22nd – Friday December 23rd 10:30am-7pm

Saturday  December 24th 10am – 2pm (No bottling today)

December 25th – January 2nd CLOSED

January 3rd 11am-7pm

We also have our 2017 calendars in store, so please stop by and pick one up, if we aren’t going to see you before the holidays.


 December Sales

Christmas comes but once a year…
…and it’s shocking how quickly your wine disappears.  Parties, gift giving or just late night sanity wine…30 bottles doesn’t go very far!

wine rack half empty         


This is a great sale  to make sure that your wine rack won’t be empty AFTER the Holidays.

We have wines on sale in Selection, World Vineyard, Island Mist and Vintners Reserve to fit every budget and every taste.  

Save $8.00 on Vintners Reserve Bergamais and Viognier

Save $10.00 on World Vineyard Chilean Malbec and Washington Riesling

Save $10.00 on Island Mist White Cranberry Pinot Gris, Cranapple Pinot Grigio & Spiced Merlot

Save $15.00  on Selection California Cabernet Sauvignon and California Viognier

Click HERE or on any of the wines to get full descriptions.

 Sale runs until December 24th!

 Gift Ideas 

We have lots of unique gift ideas for the wino in your life…and if you can’t decide, we have gift certificates that can be any amount that you would like.  We can also make a wine for your loved one and give you an empty bottle with a label and shrink cap, so that you have something to wrap and put under the tree. We have 10 items under $10 if you need small stocking stuffers or gifts for a work exchange.  How about a Wine Sippy Cup? A Wine on Tap Bag that holds four bottles of wine? Sparkly wine glass ornaments?  Come in and see the unique gifts that we have in stock or check out our Gift Gallery HERE

Some of the most popular so far this year have been:


We also have lots of the rhinestone wine t-shirts in stock for $20.00.

Did You Know? 

We have a rear parking lot and access to the building via a back door.  If you come in to bottle and the 4 spots are full in the front of  the store, just pull around to the back.  There are 2 parking spots in  front of the garage doors and our back door is just to the right.  There is a cart at the back door as well, if you are bringing in bottles for an appointment.

is label is actually clear vinyl.

If you have already bottled your wine and would like some special labels just send us a message or call us and we can make you less than 30 labels to decorate some of your bottles.



If we don’t see you before the holidays, we wish you a peaceful and happy time with family and friends!  Cheers!