Winexpert: 10th Anniversary Sale…Last Week

Winexpert: 10th Anniversary Sale…Last Week

Winexpert: 10th Anniversary Sale…Last Week

August 24, 2014

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10th Anniversary Sale Draw

10% Sale

Last Call To Order Port


Tuesday to Friday: 11:00AM to 7:00PM

Saturday:10AM to 3pm

Closed Sunday and Monday.

We are at the end of August and our 10th Anniversary Sale!  So I will stop sending weekly sale newsletters in September…sorry if it has been too much.

This is going to be the last week for the draw that is happening on August 30th.  We will be giving you a ballot to fill out for every wine that you make with us from August 1-30.  Prizes are:

  • Wine-making package (Wine kit, processing fee, taxes, labels, shrink caps, corks)
  • 2 Bottle Bins
  • Egg-o wine cooler
  • Red wine earrings
  • 30 bottles
  • Winestein
  • 2 x Sippy Cups
  • Wine themed shoulder bag
  • 2 bottle cooler bag
  • Picnic tote bag
  • Capabunga wine stoppers
  • Baggy Wine Coat (wine purse)
  • Vinturi Wine Aerator
  • Wine Flag (Your choice of 4 designs)

10% Sale 

If you have missed all of our other sales this month, we are taking 10% off of everything in the store, including wines, giftware and wine-making equipment. 

This sale is on ALL of our wines and don’t forget with our all-inclusive pricing, this discount is on everything, not just the kit or the processing fee. If you are making wine in our winery that is a savings from $12.90 – $21.50 depending on the style of wine that you make.

 Last Call To Order Port!

This is the last chance to pre-order these lovely dessert wines.  They will be in stock at the beginning of September, so they will be perfect for holiday gift giving or drinking.  $149 for 30-375ml or 15-750ml bottles.  Call or e-mail us if you are interested and we will add you to our list.


Thanks for taking the time to read and we hope to see you soon!