Put Some Skin in the Game!

Put Some Skin in the Game!

Put Some Skin in the Game!

February 5, 2014

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Put Some Skin In The Game

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Watch this space on February 11 for news on a big sale to celebrate LOVE….Love of wine with your loved ones.

Put Some Skin In The Game

(Grape Skins, that is!!) 

Save 10% on all of our Selection Grape Skin Wines…$20.00 if you make in our winery and $13.50 if you are making at home.  These wines provide greater body, flavour and alcohol content with the addition of 2 litres of grape skins and pulp.  Click on the links below to see the descriptions of the wines…

Argentine Malbec with Grape Skins

Australian Petit Verdot with Grape Skins (Nancy’s FAVOURITE!)

Chilean Malbec Shiraz with Grape Skins

Italian Amarone with Grape Skins (Best Seller!)

Italian Brunello with Grape Skins

Spanish Tempranillo with Grape Skins

The Skinny on Grape Skins

Loaded with tannins….

Tannins come from the grape skins and seeds; they provide colour, flavour and structure, giving that astringent mouth feel characteristic of red wines.  With grape skin wine kits, you are increasing your wine’s exposure to the skins, allowing for more tannins to be extracted and more varietal character to develop, giving you a wine that is truer to its varietal style.

Loaded with antioxidants….

Resveratrol, an antioxidant found in grape skins and seeds, has been linked to numerous cardiovascular health benefits, and is one of the main reasons red wine is celebrated as a heart healthy drink.  Antioxidants are found in all wines, but because of their prolonged contact with the grape skins, are most prevalent in reds.

Serving Tip

Powerful, full-bodied reds show best just slightly above room temperature.  Serve tannin-heavy wines at 18-21C (65-70F) to retain their bold qualities.

Monthly Specials 

Save $8.00 on four of our 10 litre (four week) kits this month. Click on the links below for a full description.

World Vineyard California Trinity Red

World Vineyard California Trinity White

Vintners Reserve Valpolicella

Vintners Reserve Liebfraumilch


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