LE 2021

You can reserve your wines by calling us at 384-2955, filling out the order form at the bottom of the page or send an e-mail to info@winexpertmoncton.com

Pre-order period has passed, but we may have spares, so please reach out to us.

$199 to make in our winery and that includes the wine kit, wine making fee, taxes, corks, labels, shrink caps, bottle washing and sanitizing.

$143 to take and make at home.



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 VIDEO           RECIPE


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 VIDEO           RECIPE



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  • Pinot Noir Shiraz - Murray Darling, Australia *Available December 2021*
  • Macabeo Sauvignon Blanc - Manchuela, Spain *Available January 2022*
  • Marselan - Languedoc, France *Available February 2022*
  • Trebbiano Riesling - Puglia & Veneto, Italy *Available March 2022*
  • Grenache Carignan with Grape Skins - Manchuela, Spain *Available April 2022*
  • Any Questions?? Leave them in the text box above and we will get back to you. Select the number of kits that you would like to order above the name of the wine. We will confirm by e-mail the next business day after you submit your order. THANK YOU!!!!